Fitzgerald High School

About Us


Fitzgerald Public Schools is continually creating educational opportunities for our students and staff to grow and meet the challenges of a changing, global society. As a community oriented school district with a population of 10,000 residents, our mission is to educate and nurture each student to acquire the academic, vocational, and social skills needed to become a self-sufficient citizen. We accept that responsibility by providing relevant, engaging instruction and utilizing support systems necessary to ensure student success. Located in the southwest corner of the City of Warren in Macomb County, FPS
hosts our diverse population of 3100 students within 3 elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and an alternative high school. In pursuit of excellence, our schools are continuing to meet the rigorous requirements for North Central Accreditation.

Zena Neigebaur, the first female superintendent in the state of Michigan.

Specialized Programming

Our district is focused on supporting all students towards academic success. For our youngest learners, we offer a variety of preschool programs that challenges and meets the needs of 3 and 4 year old children. We are also proud of the full day kindergarten program with a class size of 18 students located at each of the elementary schools. Our middle school offers a variety of academic opportunities before, during and after school to prepare students to meet the rigorous curriculum required for high school graduation. Fitzgerald High School has implemented a trimester schedule that allows our students more time in each class every day and the opportunity for students to pursue both academic and elective classes. FHS hosts a variety of AP courses both on site and through our 4 district consortium. We are very proud of the Automotive, Pre Engineering, Pharmacy Technician, and Communication Arts Academy that are available to qualified applicants both in district and through schools of choice. The Communication Arts Academy has earned a Grammy Award and an Education Excellence Award sponsored by the Michigan Association of School Boards.  We also offer a variety of services and programs that includes a comprehensive special education program, speech and language therapy, support to our bilingual students, and the FLEX program for students that need an alternative to a traditional high school schedule. Classes and programs are also available during and after school hours so that all students have the opportunity to be successful. FPS also offers a comprehensive K-12 summer program to extend the school year. We host an in district health center for our school community. Licensed before and after school child care is available to families at each elementary school.


Curriculum Emphasized

We are proud to share with you the curriculum that is being taught in our classrooms. These academic opportunities are aligned with the Department of Education-Michigan Curriculum Frameworks. The curriculum for FPS is developed by our K-12 curriculumcommittees that are chaired by teachers and administrators. Participants are teachers with expertise in the individual content areas. These committees use the Michigan Curriculum Frameworks, the Grade Level Content Expectations and the High School Content Expectations as a starting point for developing grade level, subject, and/or course content. As curriculum is developed at the committee level, the district Steering Committee reviews the content before it is presented to the Superintendent and then the Board of Education as a recommendation for approval. Our curriculum continues to be a “living document” and will be revised as the Michigan Department of Education provides school districts with updates of changes made in curriculum at the state and national levels. In support of curriculum, our teachers at all levels are in the process of designing and identifying common assessments.

Student Achievement

Our district maintains high academic expectations for all students. The 3 elementary schools and the middle school continue to make Adequate Yearly Progress according to the rigorous standards established by the Michigan Department of Education. The goals identified by each of our schools are focused on student achievement so that our students are successful on state tests and can look ahead to acceptance into programs, colleges and universities beyond high school. We are also proud of the Fitzgerald High School graduation rate of 86% and the average district attendance rate of 93%. We strive to offer challenging academic opportunities through our connections with Macomb Community College and through the newest opportunity, the International Academy of Macomb, that will open in August, 2008.

Professional Development

Our district recognizes that a quality educational environment requires exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff with high expectations for all students. We strive to achieve this goal with support from effective professional development. It is our goal toprovide a targeted professional development plan that meets the high standards established by the National Staff Development Council. Our plan supports district and school improvement goals and includes on-site, long term professional development with expert consultants. The plan has been developed for inexperienced and experienced teachers. Our mentoring and induction plan is specifically designed to meet the needs of our new teachers. In addition, each school is responsible for planning the 5 professional development days that are scheduled during the school year to provide teachers with additional opportunities to collaborate, plan, research and develop materials with colleagues. Teachers attend local and state conferences and workshops. We have also partnered with other districts and the MISD to participate in Project High Impact during the 06-07 school year and Data 4 Student Success during the 06-07 and 07-08 school years. Both grants are focused on improving student achievement through assessment and data analysis.


Facility Development

Providing a safe, comfortable learning environment is a priority in our district. We offer new and updated media centers, athletic facilities, and heating and cooling systems. State of the art technology provides students with additional virtual learning opportunities. We are very excited to provide our families with a new elementary school that opened in August, 2007. Westview hosts the most current technology and space planning available at this time. The Automotive and Pre Engineering Building provides unique learning opportunities for high school students. Additional renovations of our schools will continue so that all students can enjoy a comfortable environment that offers challenging learning opportunities.


Parent Involvement

The successes of our district are a tribute to the support of our parents and Board of Education. We are able to host a variety of unique academic programs and provide modern, state-of-the-art facilities because of our supportive community and responsiveBoard of Education. We frequently average 80% or higher attendance district wide to parent/teacher conferences. Each of our schools hosts parent groups that provide programs and activities for students and families. In addition, the FHS Band Boosters, Fitzgerald Athletic Association, and the Fitzgerald Foundation for Educational Advancement provide parents and alumni with opportunities to continuously support students and programs.

Our Beliefs

In closing, the success of Fitzgerald Public Schools is due to the beliefs that we consider as the foundation of our decision-making. We believe…

  • All students can learn
  • Student success requires high expectations.
  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.
  • Students learn best in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and safety.
  • Students learn at different rates, with different styles, and in different contexts.
  • Effective instruction focuses on the needs of the learner.
  • Strong home/school partnerships enhance educational opportunities.