Fitzgerald High School

Student Services

Welcome to the Fitzgerald Public Schools Department of Student Services.

We are a child-centered department committed to meeting the unique needs of the students, staff, families and community through quality interventions, services and programs.

  • We provide support to students with disabilities through our Special Education programs and support services.
  • We seek to identify and refer children birth through age 25, with unmet education or developmental needs for evaluation and possible special assistance, through our Child Find initiatives.
  • Students with medical needs or other physical or mental impairments may be supported through a Medical or 504 plan of support. Supports also extend to students who are Homebound or Hospitalized due to medical issues.
  • Homeless children and youth are supported to ensure uninterrupted access to free and appropriate education.
  • Student Service staff is an integral part of each building’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Support system (PBIS) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). These support systems are designed to meet the academic and behavioral needs of ALL students.
  • Students who are English Learners (EL) are given additional supplemental interventions that provide language support. This allows students to achieve academic success on State standards while attaining English Language proficiency.
  • Immigrant students who are enrolled in FPS and have not attended US schools for more than three full years are eligible for additional supports that provide enhanced instructional opportunities.
  • When our community experiences a crisis, Crisis Team members are called immediately. The Crisis Team assists school administration in assessing the needs of those who are affected by the crisis, providing appropriate interventions, and identifying additional resources for those who need them.

Bruley, Dawn - 2014

Dawn Bruley
Director of Student Services
586-757-4044 – Office
586-620-6096 – Fax

Sandy Stewart
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services
586-757-4044 – Office
586-620-6096 – Fax