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Barbara VanSweden, Superintendent

Barbara VanSweden, Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent…

The June issue of the Fitzherald is traditionally our opportunity to applaud the accomplishments of the Fitzgerald High School Class of 2014 and the Neigebaur Alternative Education Center Class of 2014.  We invite you to join in the celebration of these young men and women!

Our district is celebrating the graduation of 165 students in the FHS Class of 2014!  The academic leaders of this class are featured on the cover of the Fitzherald and are commended for their achievement.  Forty-five percent of the students in the Class of 2014 earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.0-4.0+.  In addition, ten students were enrolled in college courses while completing their high school graduation requirements.  This is the largest number of seniors that have dual enrolled in the history of our high school.  There were also seven students that were enrolled at the Macomb Math, Science and Technology Center (MMSTC).  The Class of 2014 exceeded the 40 hours of community service requirement with thirty percent of the students completing 70 to more than 150 hours of service.  This is a remarkable accomplishment by students!  Also featured, are the winners of our district monetary awards.  The students of this graduating class have applied to or enrolled in a college, university or trade school to continue their education, while others are entering the military or the job market.  Our students have been awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships from colleges and universities.

The FHS Class of 2014 is also the group of students that earned our high school the distinction as a Rewards School by the Michigan Department of Education for two consecutive years.  This is the only high school in Macomb County to achieve this accomplishment. 

The Neigebaur Alternative High School Class of 2014 is a remarkable group of 32 students.  Many of our alternative education students have reached this milestone under very difficult circumstances.  This Class of 2014 overcame the challenges in their lives to earn a diploma.  They have fought hard and were determined to graduate in 2014.  The students in this class are enrolling in college or trade school to continue their education, while others are entering the military or the job market.  This is also one of the largest groups of graduates in the history of the district’s alternative program.

As a district, we should be very proud of the success of our 2014 graduates.  Earning a high school diploma has taken on new meaning these days as the competition for jobs increases in this global economy. Workers with a high school diploma will outearn those who do not graduate by more than half a million dollars, and college graduates will outearn high school graduates by more than a million dollars! It is essential that as educators, parents and as a community, we continue with the expectation that all students will earn their high school diploma in four years.  It is also critical that during those years of education, we equip them with the skills and knowledge to compete for college entrance and/or for the workforce.

As we conclude this school year, we want to express appreciation for the great partnership the district has with the Fitzgerald community.  The successes of our graduates could not happen without the ongoing support as a community.

Congratulations to our 2014 graduates of Fitzgerald Public Schools!  We look forward to hearing from these young people as they continue to achieve success!

Barbara VanSweden
Superintendent, Fitzgerald Public Schools

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