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Barbara VanSweden, Superintendent

Barbara VanSweden, Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent…

Designing Education to Personalize Learning

Educators across the nation continue to build a road map that leads our schools toward personalizing learning for all students.  This customized approach will better engage, motivate and prepare our students to be career, college and citizenship ready after high school graduation.  Technology plays a key role in improving and achieving student outcomes through personalized learning.

This issue of the Fitzherald provides examples of our district’s journey toward customizing learning for all students.  The intent is to meet all children where they are and help them reach their full potential through a wide range of resources.  We have provided flexible learning space so that students may work in small groups, large groups or in an individual setting.  Computer stations and iPads add to the flexible learning approach.  Students have access to a wide range of information through the Internet and are taught to safely use and analyze information that is essential to completing a project or assignment.  Online textbooks and Internet based programs and apps also add to our ability to expand learning beyond the school building and traditional school hours.  We also have staff in positions that support student learning and engagement in education.

The vision of the district is to continually improve the framework for academic and social excellence.  A student in preschool, elementary, middle or high school will have increasing access to personalized learning whether they are on a Fitzgerald school campus, at Macomb Community College, enrolled in the IB program and/or attending the Macomb Math, Science, Technology Center.  The district is committed to personalizing learning that is flexible and occurs anytime and everywhere.

Best wishes to the Fitzgerald community for a safe, enjoyable holiday season with family and friends!

Barbara VanSweden

Superintendent, Fitzgerald Public Schools

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