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Spring is here and there is much to look forward to as we wrap up the school year. From upcoming choir performances to the spring musical to high school graduation, everyone at Fitzgerald is excited to end the year on a high note and celebrate our students’ successes and academic achievements!

If you have questions or concerns about anything at all, feel free to call me at (586) 757-1750.  If I’m unavailable at the moment, the staff in my office would be happy to help answer your question or pass along your message to me.


Barbara VanSweden
Superintendent, Fitzgerald Public Schools


About Superintendent VanSweden

Barbara VanSweden has served as Superintendent of Fitzgerald Public Schools since her appointment by the Board of Education in February 2009.

Mrs. VanSweden joined the district in July 2004 as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Prior to coming to FPS, she served as an elementary principal in L’Anse Creuse Public Schools for nine years. Her career began in the Detroit Public Schools where she worked as a kindergarten teacher, K-3 math teacher and later coordinated early childhood programs at the central office level.

“I will always remember the 21 years that I served as an educator in DPS. Teachers, administrators, parents and students had a profound impact on who I am as an educator and how I lead my personal life,” says Mrs. VanSweden.

Preparation for Mrs. VanSweden’s career as an educator began at the University of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Later in her career, she earned an Education Specialist Degree in Leadership from Oakland University.

“I always wanted to be an educator and have been influenced by many wonderful teachers and mentors throughout my life and career,” Mrs. VanSweden said. “The degrees I have earned and the connections I have made at the university level have helped me learn and understand the role of leadership in an organization.”

Highlights of Mrs. VanSweden’s career include designing successful early childhood programs in the Detroit Public Schools; supporting her staff to earn the Blue Ribbon Award as an elementary principal; and designing/implementing educational programs and services in Fitzgerald Public Schools.

Looking Forward to the Future of FPS

Mrs. VanSweden is looking forward to the strategic planning process that the district has initiated to identify goals, strategies, action plans and indicators of success during the next few months of the 2016-2017 school year.

“I look forward to sharing the strategic plan with staff and the community during the year and asking for their feedback,” Mrs. VanSweden said. “It is essential that we think about how we are preparing our students for jobs that may not yet exist. We will also examine the changing work environment as an essential strategy in how we educate our students. Technology and personalized learning will also play a major role in the new strategic plan.”

Mrs. VanSweden is proud of FPS staff, administrators and parents for their dedication to helping FPS students succeed.

“It is a privilege to work in Fitzgerald Public Schools.” Mrs. VanSweden said. “Our team of administrators, as educational leaders, play a key role in the success of the district. Teachers and support staff that work day-to-day with students in our classrooms are dedicated professionals that want to see each student aspire to his/her potential. We are fortunate to have secretaries, custodians and bus drivers that care deeply about our students and families. We are also fortunate to have a dedicated group of parents and volunteers from the community that support the district in so many ways.”


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