Fitzgerald High School

2012 FPS Wi-Fi RFP

Q:  In the 2012 FPS WiFi RFP cabling is refered to as “Certified.  Cabling, labor and materials Installed and certified cabling to support proposed number of access points.”  Are you looking for a wire certification ie CAT6 Plenum, an installer certification or test certification once the cable is pulled?

A:  Any proposed copper cabling should be tested with a certification-testing tool to verify that the installation meets TIA or ISO standards for the proposed cabling. If a proposed access point is best served by a Cat 6 or 5e cable then the installer should certify that the installation meets the performance criteria of the given cable category. Plenum rated cable should certainly be used as required by local and national fire code.  If Cat 5e or 6 cabling is installed, it should be installed and tested to function with end equipment that requires Cat 5e or 6 cabling.

Q:  In your proposal you specify a Cisco switch that you want the wireless vendor to provide.  1. Do they have to be Cisco, or would HP procurve be ok?  2. Can we give you a wireless equipment bid only and allow you to find a different vendor for the switches?  3. Would you be interested in just Rack Mounted PoE injectors, or would you prefer switches?

A:  The Required Infrastructure section gives the Cisco product as a guideline for the type of switch that is desired: “Cisco WS-C3750X-24P-L, WS-C3750X-48P-L, WS-C3750X-48PF-L or fully compatible switch”. Notice the “or fully compatible switch” qualifier. Feel free to provide pricing for a “fully compatible switch” with similar specifications to that particular Cisco switch model.  Any equivalent switch will be considered but the focus is on the Wi-Fi solution. New switches would support a school improvement plant objective of maintaining network stability but adding Wi-Fi trumps that goal since the wired network (comprised of 12 year old switches) is currently stable.  Evaluation of the proposals will focus on the wireless equipment first and secondarily on switches.  Rack mounted PoE injectors would be a great option to include on an RFP. It would still be nice to see some pricing on a nice switch that will last another 12 years or more.

The District prefers that vendors focus primarily on the wireless solution but a solid wired network infrastructure is also important to the wireless solution.

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