Board of Education

Congratulations to the Fitzgerald Public Schools Board of Education!

Elizabeth Smith, President
Terry Wisniewski, Vice-President
Lori Eseman-Dreyer, Secretary
Judy Furgal, Treasurer

Randel Meisner, Trustee
Julia Yokel, Trustee
Mary McKenney, Trustee

Michigan Association of School Boards has recognized the FPS’ Board of Education for their exemplary commitment to effective service, team development, and continuous training and learning to become successful decision makers! As a result of every member achieving the Award of Merit, the Fitzgeralds’ board members earned the Standard of Excellence Award. In addition, due to every member of the board having their Level One Certification, the board received the Honor Board Award.

Along with the awards mentioned above, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Eseman-Dreyer, Mrs. Furgal and Mr. Meisner achieved the Data Specialty Certificate; Mrs. Furgal received the President’s Award of Recognition; Mrs. Eseman-Dreyer and Mr. Meisner received the Award of Distinction; Ms. Smith received the Master Platinum Award; and Mrs. Furgal and Mr. Meisner received the Advocacy Skills Specialty Award. Similar to the expectations they have for our FPS students, they too value life-long learning.

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