Fitzgerald High School

Substitute Personnel

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER CANDIDATES wishing to substitute in Fitzgerald Public Schools should contact PESG at or 1-800-sub-pass for employment information. Effective the 2007-2008 school year, sub teachers new to the district must be certified.

Substitute Salaries 2006-07 (effective July 2006)


The State of Michigan allows persons who have successfully completed a minimum of 90 credit hours at an accredited institution (4 year) to apply for a substitute teacher permit. Transcripts (official) must be submitted through a local school district to the Intermediate School District for evaluation. If a permit is issued, the state will bill you for the $25.00 fee. Criminal background and employment history verification will be completed. We will accommodate your schedule when calling for substitute assignments.

Substitute teacher candidates wishing to substitute in Fitzgerald Public Schools should contact PESG or 1-800-sub-pass for employment information.

$83.00 per day (Special Permit – 90 credit hours)
$63.00 per half-day (Special Permit – 90 credit hours)
$88.00 per day (Teaching Certificate)
$67.00 per half-day (Teaching Certificate)
$105.00 per day (Long Term – beyond 10 days in same assignment)
$16.60 per additional hour (20% of Basic Rate)

Office Personnel

$9.36 per hour
$9.69 (Special Cases)

Para Pro/Aides

$8.19 per hour (Para)
$8.52 (Special Cases-Para)

$7.00 per hour (Aides)

Cafeteria Helpers

$8.25 per hour


$9.36 per hour
$9.69 (Special Cases)

Bus Drivers

$12.00 per hour