Early Childhood Center

Programs - Free

FREE programs for qualifying Fitz families:

ECSE Preschool

This program is designed to meet the needs of a special group of three to five year olds residing in our district.  It provides a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to meet each child’s individual needs.  In addition, support services are provided by both the Fitzgerald and MISD ancillary and other related service staff.  Transportation is provided.

COST:  Free to those students who are eligible

ELIGIBILITY:  Resident of Fitzgerald School District.  Students are selected based on results from a preschool screening, parent interview and student observation, assessment, referral from Early On, MISD.

RATIO:  6 children to 1 adult/teacher

DAYS/TIMES:  Monday-Friday 8:30-11:38 or 12:33-3:41

REGISTRATION:  call 586-757-5150 for details

GSRP Preschool

Four year old program free of charge to students who qualify.  Funded through a state grant the district receives from the Michigan Department of Education, GSRP preschool is designed to meet needs based on results compiled from preschool screening, parent interview, and student observation.

The program is designed to promote growth in the areas of language, cognitive, fine and gross motor, self-help skills and social/emotional development. A unique feature of the program will be personalized home visits and group parent meetings.

COST:  Free to 4 year olds who are eligible

ELIGIBILITY:  Any resident who will turn four on or before November 1st, 2017 and potty trained who meets the state eligibility guidelines.  Enrollment is limited to the children determined to be most in need.

RATIO:  8 children to 1 adult/teacher

DAYS/TIMES:  Monday through Thursday, 8:30-11:30 or 12:30-3:30 or

REGISTRATION:  To pre-register, call 586-757-5150

Immunizations and Birth Certificate

Children need to be up-to-date with immunizations and have a certified copy of their birth certificate.  Some programs may also require proof of residency and proof of income.