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Central Enrollment is located in the Neigebaur Building at 23020 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48091.

Please visit www.fitz.k12.mi.us/register for more information or contact Julie Schroeder by phone at 586.758.0980 or via email at centralenrollment@myfitz.net.

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What makes a well-rounded Fitzgerald student? Click the photo to watch our video that highlights our unique programs and curriculum

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Our students, families and teachers love being a part of the welcoming environment we offer at Fitzgerald Public Schools. Click the photo to watch our latest video to see what it’s like to be a part of the Fitzgerald Family!

FPS Launches 3-Part Video Series!

We are excited to launch our new three-part video series!

At Fitzgerald Public Schools, we take pride in creating a bright future for our students by providing a high-quality education in a supportive, welcoming environment.  Click the photo to watch our video series that shines a light on what makes Fitzgerald Public Schools so special.

Google Chromebooks

At Fitzgerald Public Schools, we’ve made it a priority to provide our students with innovative technologies to help them be better learners and better prepared for the workplaces of the future.  FPS is among the first districts in the area to provide Google Chromebook laptops to every student.  By having educational videos and interactive learning material at their fingertips, students can engage with classroom material in new ways.  They will learn to be self-motivated in their own education and feel empowered to be curious about the world, ask new questions and seek answers!

9th Grade Academy

Freshmen tend to struggle during the transition to high school, and our innovative 9th Grade Academy will help students achieve great academic success, keep them on track, increase their participation and attendance in class, and strengthen positive relationships with staff.  Students in the academy will be taught by the same team of teachers and share the same counselor and transition coordinator.  They will also participate in a teen leadership curriculum.  The team of teachers will incorporate cross-curricular conversations into their classes so that students may build on their knowledge and make stronger connections with the subjects they’re learning.  By focusing our efforts on 9th graders, we give them a solid foundation for the rest of their high school education!

Chatterton renovations

Exciting renovations are complete at Chatterton Middle School!  The main office was moved from the center of the building to the front entrance, which will make the office more accessible to parents and allow office staff to monitor the flow of visitors, making the building even safer for students and staff.  Additional renovations include a more-clearly designated front entrance and energy-efficient lighting for after-school and evening events.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts

At Fitzgerald Public Schools, we work hard to reach students at deeper levels.  Teachers and administrators recently completed a series of intensive professional development trainings to help strengthen positive relationships with students and learn techniques for helping students in their social, emotional and academic development.  Through the “Capturing Kids’ Hearts” initiative, teachers and administrators learned how to better motivate students to learn, minimize negative behaviors and maximize learning through leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills.  These trainings will have a huge positive impact on our students as we continually strive to provide them with a top-notch education!

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